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3 Tips to help break 100

According to the USGA, only 50% of amateur golfers break 100 consistently.

This is the first major milestone for the beginning golfer to achieve. Like an architect designing a building, you have to have a plan. In order to break 100 consistently, you also have to have a plan. This brings us to the first tip to break 100:


I mean it!!!

That club is the number one club to add strokes to your game.

High handicappers need a club to get them in play off the tee. The best option is to use the club with the most loft that you can still hit straight between 160 – 200 yards. This means going with a mid-iron, hybrid, or a 5 wood.

The loft of the standard driver is 10.5 degrees vs. the average 5 wood of 21 degrees. The hybrid and the mid-iron lofts increase from there. The more loft on the club, the more forgiving the club is with mishits.

This may cause some jeering and pressure from your buddies to pull out the Big Dog and let it eat, but Believe me, you will feel better when your ball is in play and they are searching for theirs.

In the end, stick to your plan and hit your most consistent club you feel comfortable hitting. You put a few of those shots together and your confidence will increase.


Your mission here is to break 100, right? On a par 72, you have 27 extra strokes to do it. So in order to reduce the stress of making pars, establish a personal par for each hole.

There are 18 holes in a round of golf. So on each hole add one to the par on the scorecard. How great is it to think of a par 4 as a par 5 or 6? That will leave you with 9 shots left. Determine the nine toughest holes on the course and give yourself one more stroke on those holes. So on 9 of the holes, your personal par will be two extra strokes.

This will allow you to look at the hole in a different way and make good decisions on club selection and distance.


In the ordinary round of golf, players take an average of 36 – 40 putts. That is close to 40 – 50% of your strokes inside of 25 feet of the hole. I know its more fun to smash balls at the range than to putt on the practice green.

Now not everyone can read a green like a pro, and drop a 25 footer. So the next best thing is to be automatic on your 3 ft putts. The first thing, try to make every putt. If you miss, then miss withing 3 ft. This will allow you a good chance at 2 putting the hole and possibly saving your par.

This takes practice, practice, practice. Your putter length just happens to be 3 ft long, so lay it down from the hole and mark the end with a tee. Do this all the way around the hole in 6 – 8 spots. Now you have your 3ft ring for lag putts.

Take 6 balls with you and get the feel of the stroke required to get the ball into that 6 ft circle. Yes, I said 6 feet. Three on the front end and three on the back. That’s a big landing area.

Once you finish with the lag putts, its time to put those balls around the hole at each of those markers. Make a game of it. If you miss one of the putts start over. Don’t leave the practice green without sinking all 6 balls consecutively.

These tips are a great start toward helping you on your way to break 100 and being in the top 50% of golfers.

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